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These principles express what is important to us and what is the basis of our life in the settlement.

1. Changing the world begins with yourself

We appreciate people who have a strong will and desire to change themselves. This intention will strengthen the family, children’s development and will harmonize relations between members of our community.

2. Life in nature

Yasnaya Sloboda is not a place for spending weekends. Our settlement is a permanent residence with its own lifestyle. We believe that Waldorf (Steiner) school in nature is the best place for child and adult education and development.

3. Holistic implementation of Waldorf (Steiner) principles

Outside of the influence of the city and state educational standards, we want to create the right environment for realizing Waldorf (Steiner)’s huge potential. So it is desirable not merely to know "Waldorf", but to choose it as the best school for a growing child to get all necessary knowledge and skills.

4. Eco-friendliness

Adhering sustainable development and permaculture concepts, we will do as much as we can to leave the environment for future generations in the same — or even a better — condition than it is today. We seek to

  • Pick and utilize waste;
  • Reduce disposable things and packages;
  • Reduce expenditure of water and electricity;
  • Use energy and resource-saving technologies;
  • Use renewable energy sources;
  • Use eco-friendly household chemicals;
  • Use organic fertilizers in agriculture and grow organic products;
  • Map out our settlement to save ecosystem on our own and nearby territories.

5. Solidarity

We create a community, not a village for separate families. We won't have private fences and a better part of the territory will be the free space, favorable for children's walks.

Our control system enables each family to take part in life management of the settlement.

Solidarity implies to follow the jointly adopted rules and to fulfill taken responsibilities by the community members.

6. Individuality

We respect personality of every member. We accept different points of view if they are not in сonflict with our core of values. Sameness and uniformity is not for us. It is important for a person to live his own way of life. Our intention is to unite our strengths and learn something from each other.

7. Efficiency

We create сommunity where discussions pass constructively, decisions are made quickly and novations are harmoniously implemented by our community. We wish to minimize quarrels and idle debates in our settlement. We pay much attention to selection of members and elaboration of common rules.

8. Never fanatical

We consider this principle as one of the main for every sphere of life in our settlement. Even the best intention will damage community if it is brought to an extreme. It is important for us to implement every idea consciously.

At any time we are ready to listen to constructive criticism, a special opinion of each of us dissenting or doubting something.

An independent idea is important for us.

It is not required for every member, the choice is yours.

We wrote it here to make our values clear.

9. Reasonable minimalism

Modern economy is based on a policy of a constant increase of goods and services. Marketing urge us to buy more and more. To buy newer, more comfortable, more functional.

Minimalism for us is:

    refuse to buy luxury, unnecessary and disposable things;

    use already existing good things;

    buy only necessary things.

10. School and kindergarten

The main common thing of our community is Waldorf school and kindergarten for children of our community members and children whose parents are close to Waldorf (Steiner) ideas.

In September 2017, we are going to open one preschool group (from 3 to 6 years) and several school classes. Further, the number of classes will increase to 12.

We want to create a high-level school and a kindergarten. We are inviting highly qualified teachers, so the school and the kindergarten are paid. We see them as self-sustaining.